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    The monthly cabin and cottage rentals at Wagon Wheel RV Park are intended for one to two residents and provide affordable monthly to long term rental options without annual contract commitments.  All cabins are studio style and include basic furnishings.  Residents may also provide their own furniture with management approval.  The ECONOMY Cabins are simple 120 SF rooms with a single bed, window unit AC, mini-frig, microwave and table/chairs.....consider these cabins a place to crash at night, but provide little else, but where else can you stay for $375 per month with electricity included?  The STANDARD Cabins are slightly larger at 192 SF and include a cold water utility sink for $475 per month with electricity included.  All cabin residents must use the shower house which is centrally located and convenient for all residents.


    Wagon Wheel RV Park also has several cottages which are also studio style and include a bathroom/shower and kitchen and range in size from 192 SF to 390 SF.  


    All cabin residents must pass a background check at the residents' expense of $35 per person. 

COTTAGES w/ BATHROOM & KITCHEN - $750 per Month + Electricity

Cottages 4 & 5 at Wagon Wheel RV Park
Cottages 11 & 12 at Wagon Wheel RV Park
Cottages 8 at Wagon Wheel RV Park

Cottages Pictured Above

DirecTV Offered at $48 / month

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